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Brookfield has teamed up with Omnyway to bring live stream selling to Brookfield Mall locations, where retailers will be able to go live at a Brookfield selected studio location. Brookfield will promote your live stream to a large audience, shoppers will be able to view, ask questions & buy directly within the experience. Your store will then able to close orders received from the live stream over your in-store POS using an Omnyway provided merchant card. It’s that simple! Get started with live streaming at Brookfield in only 1 week’s time.

How This Works

Sign Up For Live Stream Selling at Brookfield via the Form Below. Brookfield & Omnyway will then Reach Out to You

Schedule a Kickoff Meeting with Brookfield & Omnyway. Share an Idea on When You Would Like to Run a Live Stream & What You Would Like It to be About.

During the Kickoff Meeting, Brookfield Will Share Details on The Studio Space, How To Get Started & How Your Live Streams Will be Promoted by the Mall & Co-Hosted by Fashion Stylists. You Will Also Learn How The Live Stream Technology Works

With Brookfield & Omnyway's Support, You Will Then Get Prepared For Your First Live Stream. Brookfield Will Then Start Promoting it Across Multiple Channels

Shoppers Will View Your Live Stream & Buy Directly within The Experience. You Will Then be Able to Close & Fulfill Orders Over Your in-Store POS

Get Started With Live Stream Selling At Brookfield

Sign up below by inputting your information. By signing up, you agree to our Term’s and Conditions.


    What is the cost to participate?

    There is absolutely no cost to sign up for live stream selling at Brookfield. The only cost is a small commission on the items you sell through live stream.

    What is the studio location?

    The studio location is an indoor space that Brookfield has selected where brands will run their weekly live streams. In this area, you can introduce your brand on camera, display products, answer shopper questions & sell directly to consumers via the live stream.

    How is Brookfield Helping Promote my Live Streams?

    Brookfield’s marketing & media teams will advertise your live streams via Paid Ads, Website, Social Media & Email Marketing. You do not have to pay for advertising whatsoever! Brookfield has got you covered.

    Do I Have To Buy Any Equipment?

    Nope! The equipment required to run successful live streams will be prepared & waiting for you at the studio location.

    Will I Receive Support & Help on Running Live Stream?

    Absolutely. Omnyway and Brookfield will be working closely with you to help you execute your live stream sessions. You will also have the option to run live streams with Brookfield provided Fashion Hosts & local influencers.

    Tell Me More About Live Stream

    Live stream has picked up substantially in the US over the past couple of years, with thousands of retailers leveraging the channel on a daily basis. Think about live stream selling as QVC for the physical store, but with 10x the functionality. Click here for a Forbes Article discussing how Retailer’s are embracing live streaming, and that the market is expected to reach $11 billion in 2021.

    Have Additional Questions?

    Please reach out to us at & we would be happy to speak with you regarding live stream at Brookfield.

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