Run live streams from your stores with integrated checkout for shoppers

VISX Live | Live Stream Selling Platform

Benefits to Retailers

Easy Set Up

Set up a live stream event in minutes on an easy-to-use web browser. Add products, select relevant media & generate a live stream event experience that can be shared anywhere with a link. No development work required!

Marketing & Event Promotion

If shoppers click on your VISX link in advance of the live event, they will get a sense of the event experience you will be hosting. VISX also powers an RSVP & email reminder system. Just sit back & relax while shoppers RSVP & VISX does the work for you.

Close All Sales In Store

When a shopper buys, close the sale over the in-store POS. Providing full attribution to the associate and store.

Benefits to Shoppers 

Easy For The Shopper To Join

Shopper clicks the link & joins the live event experience page - no app download or 3rd party sign ups required

Shopper Can Checkout Within VISX LIVE

Within the live stream, the shopper can buy items on the spot without leaving the experience. The store can easily add in additional products for the shopper to buy

Secure Payment For Peace of Mind

No more reading card numbers over the phone or storing them in a database. With VISX LIVE, digital payments are made securely
Live Stream Shopping Platform | VISX Live


Grow Revenue

Empower your stores with live stream selling & grow revenue by reaching remote shoppers

Unlock Value

Unlock previously untapped value. Unleash your team's potential by selling through live stream

Store Attribution

When clients buy through VISX, close those orders over the in-store POS, attributing sales to the store

Behind The Scenes

Retailers Using Live Stream Selling

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Retailers Using Live Stream Selling

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