Empower your store associates with an ability to launch 1:1 videos with
integrated checkout for shoppers

Benefits To Retailers

Quickly Start

Allow Your Stores to generate a 1:1 video session in seconds via The VISX Quick Start Feature

Add Products & Immediately Share

Simply queue in products & share that 1:1 video session with a shopper by sending them the VISX DIRECT link

Close All Sales In-Store

When a shopper buys, close the sale over the in-store POS. Providing full attribution to the associate and store.

Benefits to Shoppers

Easy For The Shopper To Join

Shopper clicks the link & joins the 1:1 video session with you store - no app download or 3rd party sign up

Shopper Provided With In Video Checkout

Allow shoppers to buy items on the spot without leaving the experience. The store can easily add in additional products for the shopper to buy

Secure Payment For Peace of Mind

No more reading card numbers over the phone. With VISX DIRECT, digital payments are made securely


Clientele Better

Take clienteling to the next level & maintain full visibility of store productivity

Unlock Value

Sending pictures of items to clients is outdated. Unlock your team's creative abilities with contextualized video

Drive Sales

When clients buy through VISX DIRECT, close those sales over the in-store POS.

Case Studies

Evolution of Clienteling

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