VISX RSVP Is Here !!

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VISX RSVP Is Here !! | VISX | Live Stream Shopping Platform

RSVP to Live Events! 


VISX now supports an RSVP feature, where shoppers can sign up for your event, add to calendar & receive email reminders before the event starts!

Whether that’s 1 day or 1 hour before the event – Omnyway VISX has got you covered through attendee tracking, automated reminders to shoppers & insights on the effectiveness of your marketing campaign for that live stream.

Save The Date & Add to Calendar

VISX RSVP supports different calendars so you will never have to worry about “forgetting the date” again. Shoppers can “Save The Date” via the box highlighted above, by adding the live stream event to their Google Cal, iCal, Outlook or Office 365.

See example above, it’s so easy to just click the icon and then “save” the event! You will never want to miss out your favorite brands live event!

If a shopper arrives at your event within 1 hour of the start time … and would like to share that event… they simply click the share button above and a share function (image on the right) .. will pop up.

This pop up will yield the shoppers most recent text conversations, as well as most commonly used applications. By clicking any of those icons, the shopper can simply share your event!

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