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Introducing VISX Link Previews!

A Fun New Look When You Share Your VISX Shopping Events

Automatic Previews When Sharing Links On Text Messages

Sharing VISX links has always been an important way to keep your Shoppers informed and to invite them to your upcoming events. Most of you share VISX links on text messages, messaging apps or on your social media accounts. We wanted to make these link shares more appealing, and to automatically include some key branded images, so that your Shoppers can quickly understand what the VISX event is all about.

Our team here at Omnyway figured out a way to do this with VISX Link Previews. This powerful new preview feature automatically formats all VISX links you send by text, messaging app, or  social media, and adds in an image and related text explaining the event, so that you don’t have to do it any of it.

Shoppers that receive the VISX link from you, immediately get a better sense of the event experience & can click directly on the image to access more information. To get an idea of how it would look on iMessage, check out this image.

Make Your Social Postings Stand Out

Posting on Social Media is an important way to get new audiences to your VISX Event. As shown in this example on Facebook, shoppers will find the link itself, as well as the preview image below the link. As always, you can add any additional text explaining more about your event. Shoppers can simply click the preview image and they will enter the livestream to not only watch the event but also be able to purchase the items from the VISX live stream without having to leave their Social Media app.

You have flexibility in defining what image will show in this preview. The image that “previews” your live event or shoppable video comes from the cover page image you select on the VISX dashboard within the schedule tab.

VISX Link Previews | Live stream shopping platform

Get Your VIPs To Engage Through Messaging Apps

Lets admit it – we all spend way more time on popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, SnapChat, Twitter and even Telegram or Signal, than we would like to admit. How else do we stay up to date with the latest happenings or news. Be it friends/family or our important clients, we have come to trust the messaging apps, and clienteling through them is here to stay.

So why not use messaging apps to invite people to your VISX event. So we decided to make these posts shine a bit. Similar to texting and social, when sending your VISX link on messaging apps a preview message and image will automatically generate below your link. You can always add more context around it if you want.

Again, the preview image that you see pulls from the “cover image” you select on the VISX dashboard.

VISX Link Previews are available NOW for all VISX events. Go ahead and give it a try. Create a new VISX event or pick and existing event link and post on any popular texting, messaging or social interface. You will be impressed with what you see!

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