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Automated Email Reminders

New research from call-back company Fonolo shows that customer service is the leading indicator of business growth for new companies. Creating a frictionless support system that prioritizes constant contact with clients is vital to the success of every company, especially high-end retailers, who promise streamlined customer service as part of their shopping experience.

In an attempt to automate the customer service process, Omnyway has added multiple features to the VISX platform that help retailers stay in constant communication with customers. The latest addition to these features is automatic email reminders to clients when they have left an item in their bag without completing the purchase. These email reminders contain information on the product that’s in the abandoned bag – such as its name, an image & price. At the bottom of the email, there is a link for the customer to complete the purchase.

According to, cart abandonment emails have an average open rate over 41% and a click-through rate of 9%. Though these numbers may not seem very high, they represent store sales that might be lost without those reminder emails. On average, businesses that send out abandoned shopping cart emails recover about 4-5% of their abandoned carts!

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These reminder emails will help give an extra little “push” to customers who may have forgotten to purchase an item or purposely left it in their bags to purchase at a later time. At the same time, the abandoned bag messages will also provide the retailers who use VISX for livestreaming and clienteling sessions with peace of mind, knowing that their customers will automatically be reminded of deserted items in their bags. With these friendly reminders, retailers will be able to close sales using the VISX platform more successfully, even after their live event ends.

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