Shoppable Media at Maison Margiela San Francisco

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Sharing some insights to how retailers like Maison Margiela are leveraging VISX MEDIA


Omnyway’s VISX service can be leveraged in 3 ways:

  1. To host live streams in real-time with integrated checkout for shoppers
  2. To host 1:1 video sessions with integrated checkout for shoppers
  3. To take video content, make it shoppable & allow to shoppers to view on their own time

As Maison Margiela, San Francisco, has customers all around the world, their retail team decided the best way to get started with VISX was by recording videos at their store, making them shoppable & sending to their clients. That way, Margiela customers could view the experience at their leisure. Now, if Margiela wanted to drop a new collection or introduce an exclusive collaboration, they would likely leverage VISX LIVE. In a previous blog post, we shared how GANNI uses VISX LIVE when launching new products or releasing a collab with another brand. Moreover, if a customer called the store & wanted to see an item, Margiela could use VISX DIRECT with that client & allow them to buy directly within the experience.

Creating VISX MEDIA at Margiela SF

Insights to how Maison Margiela would create VISX MEDIA at their store.

Step 1: Record a Video and Upload it to the VISX Dashboard

Step 2: Add products to that video within the VISX dashboard

Step 3: Grab the link from the VISX dashboard and text to customers!

Per the 3 steps above, you can see that creating shoppable media is a straightforward experience. Again, you can record a video, upload it into VISX, add products to that video & generate a unique link that can be sent to customers. In the final step (Step 3), we’ve highlighted an example of what sending shoppable media to a customer looks like. The customer will find a preview image that can be clicked on. After the customer clicks the preview image, the shoppable media the store created will then automatically open. See here how VISX formats all links you send into Preview Images that can be clicked on by customers.

Experiencing Shoppable Media:

A Customer’s Perspective


Check out this video to see what it is like to experience shoppabla media from a customer’s perspective. In this example, you will find the shopper:

  • Receive the shoppable media via a text message from the store
  • Click the preview image of the shoppable media shared via text
  • Immediately view the shoppable media the Margiela store put together
  • Add the black pair of shoes to their bag & prepare to checkout

After the shopper has added an item to their bag, the shopping bag in the bottom right highlights in pink & “jumps” a few times to reflect that an item has been successfully added. The shopper then clicks the bag to complete checkout, which can be done via a Credit Card, PayPal or PayPal credit.

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