A Retailer’s Success Story with VISX

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VISX | A Retailer's Success Story with VISX

How A Brand Quickly Onboarded To VISX, Ran Their First Event And Got Amazing Results!

Over $5000 In Sales In One Short Event

More Than $250 In Sales Per Minute

34% Event Conversion Rate

All Sales Attributed To And Completed By Store

The brand decided to host an Event from their store in San Francisco, and invited clients who are not able to physically make it to that store. The event ran for only 20 minutes, and was hosted by one of the in-store associates. It was enough time for them to sell just over $5,000 worth of merchandise. Their first live stream event was a huge success by many measures.

The key to such online events is to have a conversion rate that surpasses other digital channels of interactions. In this case, not only did the brand sell a significant amount of products, but also 34% of attendees ended up purchasing their items directly from within the live stream through the easy to use VISX checkout. Most eComm channels boast just a 2% conversion rate. So the VISX event had a 10x higher conversion rate than e-comm!

And better yet, with the Omnyway Merchant Card Solution, this brand was able to close all orders received from the live stream at the in-store POS, attributing revenue to the physical store.

Partnering With Omnyway & Timeline To Go Live

One of the many reasons retailers decide to work with Omnyway is because we have what is considered to be an “Over The Top” Solution. Meaning, VISX will work immediately will all in-store systems & the live stream session can be widely distributed across all marketing channels available to the retailer.

Furthermore, working with Omnyway does not require any development work or engineering resources. Within a matter of days, our Customer Success Team is able to quickly bring in all of a retailer’s relevant assets into the VISX platform.

In this behind-the-scenes story, this luxury retailer hosted its first live stream event within only 13 days of signing up.

The Secret Ingredients:

VISX RSVP and Our Customer Success Team


This partner was able to go live within a 13 days because Omnyway’s Customer Success Team was on standby to train their teams and guide them through every step of the way.

After a quick training the store team was ready to go live. The brand’s corporate marketing team pulled together some media they wanted to use for this event as well as a list of attendees they wanted to invite. It was time to start promoting this unique new shopping experience.

5 days before the planned live stream, over 50 VIP customers received the VISX link through an email campaign. The customers were able to RSVP and “Save The Date” on their calendars. They were also able to share the invite with their friends and family (thats new customers for the brand!!). To make sure no one forgets, each RSVP receives automated email reminders about the event.

On the day of the event, shoppers simply clicked the link in their calendar or the RSVP emails and immediately entered the live stream experience. Once in the VISX livestream, they we are able to ask questions, share likes & buy their favorite merchandise.

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