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Make Your Content Or Products Shoppable

VISX MEDIA is a service provided to retailers that allows them to take any video content & make it instantly shoppable. Once the retailer has created their VISX MEDIA experience, they are then able to share it by a link or QR code.

We’ve seen partners like Marni, Margiela, Trina Turk & Sam Malouf create VISX MEDIA experiences and share them with customers by links. Whether that was positioning the link on their website or by texting/emailing it to their customers. The whole idea here is to provide shoppers with the ability to shop items from a video at their own leisure.

Now, we’re starting to see retailers leverage VISX MEDIA to bring the digital shopping experience in-store. The way they are doing this is with QR codes, that can be placed on products or throughout the store in certain areas.

Powering Digital Shopping at In-Store Retail With VISX Media

According to, consumers are 50% more likely to purchase a product that their favorite celebrity or influencer has endorsed!

But when shopping in-store, consumers do not immediately know a celebrity has worn that item, or that the item has a unique background story to where it’s from, how it was sourced & who it was made by.

One way to tell that story, in-store, is by leveraging video content you have that supports those products. With VISX MEDIA, you can immediately bring digital in-store via the placement of QR codes that bring shoppers to your video experience. Within that video experience, after scanning the QR code on the product, the consumer can shop the look directly & checkout from the store on the spot.

How This Works

  • A customer is shopping in-store and spots a product they like.
  • They pick up the price tag to get more information about the product and spot a QR code.
  • They scan the QR code, which redirects them to the VISX MEDIA experience
  • They view the VISX MEDIA experience and for example, see that their favorite celebrity recently wore the item to an event.
  • The customer gets excited about matching with their favorite celebrity and decides to purchase the product!
  • They can then purchase the item directly from the store via VISX MEDIA experience.

Scan This QR Code And See It In Action

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