Marni & LA Family Housing

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Marni & LA Family Housing | VISX Media

How Marni & LA Family Housing leveraged VISX MEDIA for its Shop For a Cause Event in Spring 2021

Marni & LA Family Housing | VISX Media

LA family Housing: Shop For A Cause

Over April 26th – May 2nd, LA Family Housing partnered with Marni Melrose on a Shop For A Cause event during the week of #hometogether. The Shop For A Cause event was kicked off and hosted by Blair Rich and Miranda Tollman. And a portion of proceeds were donated to LA Family Housing.

LA Family Housing helps people transition out of homeless and poverty through a continuum of housing enriched with supportive services. The organization serves nearly 11,000 people on an annual basis, places 2,037 people into homes every year and impacts the lives of countless others.

MARNI Melrose & VISX

Marni has been working with VISX to create live stream & shoppable video experiences for their customers throughout 2021.

When LA Family housing teamed up with Marni in its Shop For a Cause Event, Marni saw an opportunity to leverage VISX to help expand LA Family Housing fundraising efforts.

After an introduction to how VISX works, Blair and Miranda were fired up with how they could leverage the technology. In collaboration with Marni, Blair and Miranda recorded a video to introduce LA Family Housing. Marni then took that video & added its own content to make a shoppable video for viewers.

Not only were viewers able to learn about LA Family Housing from Blair and Miranda, they also were able to see the latest Marni collection at the Melrose store. Those viewers were able to buy directly within that experience, and Marni Melrose was able to raise awareness and funds for its local community!

Shop For A Cause: Positioning The VISX MEDIA Experience

One of the key aspects to VISX is that LIVE & MEDIA experiences are shared by links. So for a retailer, that means VISX can be distributed across all marketing & communication channels. Including but not limited to: email, text, social media, website, etc. When prospective shoppers or viewers come across these links, they simply click the link and the VISX experience immediately opens in a web browser.

In Shop For A Cause, Marni created its VISX MEDIA experience and shared the link with LA Family Housing. LAFH took that link and positioned it on their website. See the example above of how the VISX MEDIA was hyperlinked on LAFH’s website.

See The VISX MEDIA Experience!

After clicking the link, viewers were able to see an introduction from Blair and Miranda & learn about LAFH x Marni – Shop For a Cause.

Following the introduction, viewers were presented with different looks, product images and video clips from which they could shop directly.

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