Behind The Scenes at GANNI: Launching New Products On Live Stream

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Behind The Scenes at GANNI: Launching New Products On Live Stream

Dropping New Products

Dropping new products, or exclusive collabs, is a fun & rewarding experience for brands, retail teams and most importantly, shoppers.

For a retailer, it’s an effective way to engage consumers who are looking for unique products in a rapidly evolving and competitive fashion landscape.

For shoppers, a new product drop is something that is really fun to look forward to, as shoppers can get items that are limited in quantity or are at the forefront of what is trending in retail.

“IT WAS SO FUN!VISX is an entirely new shopping experience for both me and my clients”

ShalonRegional Manager

The Opportunity With Live Stream

Typically, retailers have launched products or exclusive collabs on their website or by hosting an in-person event at a retail location.

These channels have been successful, however, they have limitations. That is, an in-person event can only welcome so many people. And the website can only provide so much context or insight into the line the retailer is promoting.

Enter Live Stream – an opportunity to welcome as many shoppers as possible, while also providing a high touch and super fun experience for those shoppers.

Sound of Space Line

In this behind-the-scenes story, GANNI leveraged live stream to launch its Sound of Space line from its downtown LA store. With shoppers attending the live stream from all across the US, GANNI was able to extend the reach of its store, answer dozens of shopper questions in real time & provide a unique way to interact & shop with the brand.

Build An Audience – Share The Event Links

When launching a new product drop or collaboration, a key component to the success of that launch with live stream is ensuring that you promote awareness around the event with your target shoppers.

VISX comes with a powerful link sharing feature that allows you to distribute the event link across multiple channels – through email, text, social media or direct messaging. The built in preview feature allows for these links to appear nicely formatted in any of these channels with all the information a shopper would need about the event available in one glance.

For shoppers that do get this link, VISX provides a powerful RSVP and to calendar function, which ensures they will be reminded of the event when it goes LIVE !

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