Behind The Scenes at AllSaints: Hosting As A Team

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It's More Than Just The Products

Naturally, shoppers gravitate towards particular brands because they love their products. We all have our favorite brands in mind & typically shop from these brands because we know what to expect. Specifically, we shop from these brands because we know how the clothes feel, fit & how they evolve throughout time.

But what does not get discussed often enough, from a consumer perspective, is how often shoppers seek ought advice from brand representatives on a retail level. There is so much to learn from the retail store that the experience the team provides to shoppers can simply not be overlooked!

Teams at retail stores, representing the brand, play such a critical role in understanding the brands product line, knowing their clients, and ultimately providing their clients with expert advice on what works best or what does not.

“My team loves the way of selling! So do our clients!”

StephanieStore Manager

Empowering Store Teams, at Scale

Prior to COVID, the retail store had not been fully digitized. Relationships with customers were managed in person, or by text or over a phone call. And beyond that, there was not yet a powerful way to unleash the full potential of the physical store & its retail team.

That’s where live stream comes in.

Live stream empowers store teams to take their brand, product & fashion knowledge … and bring it to scale. It truly is a 3rd channel for retailers and creates opportunities for the physical store & store teams that were not previously available.

Leveraging a Powerful Dynamic

One aspect in live stream that AllSaints has leveraged very successfully, is a powerful dynamic between their Hosts & Co-Hosts.

The Host can often be thought of as the liaison to kick off the live stream and facilitate the experience. You can think of the Co-Host as the expert who will share insights on products, how to style the clothing, as well as create conversations in real-time with the Host.

This dynamic leads to shopper questions, interest & most importantly, makes the viewing experience fun. When a brand can leverage a dynamic on camera, and do it from the physical store, at scale, you know they are on to something!

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