Retailer’s Success Story with VISX

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Retailer’s Success Story:

Sales Results & How This Luxury Retailer Successfully Prepped its First Live Stream Event

The Prep

Retailer leveraged Eventbrite to manage the event invitations, leading to 15 attendees out of a list of 50 shoppers emailed. Eventbrite sent out reminders to shoppers 3 days, 24 hours and 1 hour in advance of the event. Retailer also had a 15-minute “dress rehearsal” with Omnyway 1 day in advance.



1) Store traffic is down in Q4 2020 – retailer signs up for VISX on January 4th
2) Store hosts its first Live Event on Sunday, January 17th
3) Retailer sees first results, expands to other stores & starts leveraging VISX on a weekly basis

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