Why Set An Event Price

  • You may want to offer a price that is different from the standard List Price for a product – a good practice if you want your events to feel exclusive
  • You can set the price by applying a percentage discount or by setting it at a specific dollar value
  • Event pricing can be set at a product level as well as at a SKU level

Changing the price for multiple products by applying a percentage discount

  • Check the products you want to change the price for
  • Enter the percentage discount off list price
  • Click “Apply Discount”

Changing the price for one product to a specific Dollar value

  • You can locate it by using the search bar
  • Check the box for that product
  • Click the menu marked % to show a dropdown and select $ instead
  • Enter the Event price for that product and click “Apply Discount”


Adjusting the price at a SKU level if a product has different prices for different colors/sizes 

  • Select the  SKUs you want to change
  • Adjust the price
  • Click “Update SKU Price”

Click “Reload Pricing Data” to view changes saved 

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