The Schedule Tab In Event Manager

  • This is where you edit the date and time for an event or mark it as public or private

Public or Private Events

  • You can grant VIPs access to a Private Invitation Only Event by checking the “Private” checkbox
  • If the “Private” checkbox is left unchecked, then the event will be Public and anybody with the VISX Event Link will be able to attend 
  • Public and Private events are interchangeable, just check or uncheck the box to change

Shopper View

  • You can have a quick look at what the Shopper will see
  • Click on “shop URL” to see this Shopper View

STOP An Event

  • The “Stop Event” Button will Stop a VISX Event
  • In a Stopped Event, Shoppers can no longer access the event to make purchases
  • They may still be able to see the event media
  • Event can easily be restarted by clicking the button

Editing Event Name / Time

  • You can edit the event name by changing the text in the Name Area
  • You can select a different start time and time zone too
  • Make sure to hit “update schedule” to reflect the changes

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