Inviting Shoppers To Attend Your VISX Event

  • Once you have created a VISX event, you want to make sure you can invite as many shoppers as you want to attend the VISX event
  • You can send an invitation to Shoppers through the VISX interface directly
  • You can also just share the Public VISX event link through email, text, social media or web

Invitation Tab: Inviting Shoppers Through VISX 

  • If you created a Private VISX event, then this is the only way you can send an  invitation to the client who will be asked to attend the private event
  • You can also invite clients to a public VISX event through this Invitation tab
  • Enter the client emails in the area on top. Make sure to separate client emails with “, “ (comma and space)
  • You can edit greetings and the signature on this invitation
  • Shopper invited through the invitation tab will be listed on the right side

Inviting Shopper By Using The VISX Event Link

  • The Invitation tab shows the VISX event link in the body of the invitation email
  • Copy this event link for a public event and share it using your preferred outreach method.

Places To Share A Public VISX Link 

  • Store/Associate Email App: Just paste the link in the body of the email
  • CRM Tool: Add the link to the outreach message from the CRM Tool
  • Text Messages: The links can be shared via text and will allow the recepient to just click and watch
  • Email Marketing Tool: The link can be hyperlinked to buttons and links in all commercial Email Marketing tools
  • Social Media: The link can be pasted into your social media posting on most popular social media platforms. The clients who see the social media posting will be able to view and buy within the social media app
  • Websites: You can post the VISX links to your store website, allowing any visitors to the site to view and participate in the event

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