What Is Co-Host View

  • This this the view used by the host or the co-host to manage an event while they are presenting.
  • The Co-Host view is normally run on a laptop or an iPad browser in landscape orientation
  • The Co-Host view provides important information and controls to the store running the VISX event

Co-Host View: Left Area

  • Store info section shows Tax rate and Shipping info
  • Sales section shows Bag value and Total sales
  • Click “Reload” icon to refresh

Co-Host View: Middle Area

  • View chat messages and comments from the Shoppers
  • The Co-Host can reply by typing a message back in this area or they can read the message to the host, and the host can respond verbally into the livestream

Co-Host View: Right Area

  • This is where the Co-Host can control which products the host is showcasing so that all shoppers see that product in their shopper view
  • Click “Showcase” to push a product to clients when the host starts talking about it – you will see the products number show up on top right next to “Showcasing”
  • The search function enables quick product name search to locate a product
  • If a product is given a sequence number, you can search by that sequence number as well

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