Loading Products To Start Selection

  • When it says “loading products…” in the search bar DO NOT SEARCH
  • Wait until it says “Search through xxx products…” before you start searching for products
  • If you don’t see the message “Search through xxx products…”, please refresh your browser window

Searching For Products

  • By Name: Smart search function brings the product result when you enter a keyword of a product name
  • By Keyword: Enter a keyword such as “shoe” and click “search”, all products with the same keyword will be listed on the left side
  • By Category: You can sort all products by product category
  • All Products: If you double click “Search”, you can load all products

Adding Products

  • Check the product and Click “Add”
  • Selected Product will appear on the right side of this view

Managing Added Products

  • Click “show details” to fold or unfold product info  
  • Click the “trash can”/”remove product” to delete a selected product 
  • Search by product name to find a selected product in search bar on the right side  

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