Why Add Media To An Event

  • The media tab allows you personalize the look and feel of event invitations as well as the standby images that Shopper see when they click on a VISX link
  • The Media goes in to places – the VISX Event Landing Page and the VISX Event Standby Page

Uploading The Landing Page Image landing page image

  • This is the first image the Shopper will see when they click on the VISX Event link
  • Most popular image formats are supported (jpg, png, gif)
  • If you want the Landing Page image to be animated, feel free to use an animated .gif image
  • It is recommended that a square image be used here
  • Drag and drop the image from your computer; OR
  • Select “Click to Browse” to find an image on your device storage

Uploading The Standby Image OR Video

  • This is the media that the Shopper will see when the event has not started.
  • If a Video file is uploaded here, it will appear as a Shoppable Video to the Shopper when the enter the VISX Event
  • Make sure the Image or Video selected is in Portrait Mode. Landscape mode will not generate a favorable look
  • You can use an image or video to inform the shopper that an Event has not started or has ended
  • Most popular Image formats are supported (jpg, png, gif)
  • Most popular Video formats are supported (mov, mp4)
  • Drag and drop the image or video in the respective areas for Standby Image or Standby Video
  • You can also “Click to Browse” to find the Image or Video on your device storage
  • If you upload a Standby Video, then the event will always default to Standby Video and the Standby Image will not be shown

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