Add VISX To Any Website

Easy Embed

Quickly embed VISX links anywhere on your website

Universal Interface

Get the VISX view and buy interface within your site

Available Globally

Allow anyone, anywhere to access your livestreams

VISX Media

Convert to VISX Media for continued access after the live event

Adding A VISX Link To Your Current Website Is Really Easy.

Step 1:

Create your VISX Live or VISX Media Event and copy the VISX Event Link. This is the URL for the VISX Event you use to send in invitations and to share on various channels. The VISX event link will have the following format:

View this Video, if you need help finding this link.

Step 2

On the selected webpage on your website, insert the following code in the area where you want the VISX event to appear

<iframe width = “350” height = “700” src=”Insert VISX Event Link Here“></iframe>


And thats it. The VISX Live or VISX Media event will now be visible anywhere your webpage can be accessed