Abandoned Bags: No Payment Status Next To Bag 

  • If you notice that there is no payment status showing next to a shopper’s bag, then that means that the shopper added an item to their bag but they never completed the payment during the VISX event
  • Click on the shopping bag icon to check the item they put in their bag
  • Follow up with the client with the phone number/email listed in the bag. They can go to the same Event Link and complete the purchase

Status: Shopper Payment Completed 

  • This means that the shopper completed their payment during the VISX Event. You will now need to complete the order at the store.
  • Click on the shopping bag icon to check the items that the shopper has bought.
  • You will also notice if the Shopper has selected “Ship To Home” or if they will come to the store to pick up the item

Completing the Transaction At Store POS

  • Replicate the order placed by the Shopper on your Store POS by ringing up the items they have bought and the quantities and colors they have selected
  • Click on the bank card icon to start payment initiation flow and select the Omnyway Merchant Card you plan to use 
  • Note down the tax amount shown on the Store POS and edit the tax amount in the VISX shopper order text box to match it
  • Edit the shipping charges if needed
  • Make sure the total shown on the VISX Order matches what is showing on your store POS and check the box to confirm total match POS (Your card transaction will get declined if the totals do not match)
  • Click “initiate payment” on the VISX order
  • The message “please swipe card” shows up. This is your cue to swipe the Omnyway Merchant Card on the store POS
  • Refresh the “Orders” page on the VISX dashboard to see payment status changes to “Payment Completed”

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