Why Add A SKU To A Product

  • If you notice that your store has a SKU that is not listed in the default VISX store catalog, you can quickly add that SKU to the product in the VISX catalog

Method 1: By Going To The “Products” Tab Under Catalog Menu

  • Use the search function and locate the product that needs a SKU added to it
  • Click on the “. . .” icon next to the product name and select “Add SKU”
  • Fill the information of the SKU that needs to be added to the Product
  • Click “ADD SKU” to complete

Method 2: By Using The “Inventory” Tab Under The Catalog Menu

  • Search for the product name in the search bar and SKUs that belong to the product will be displayed at the bottom
  • Click “NEW SKU” and fill in the SKU info 
  • Click “ADD SKU” to save the change

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